Geopard – Indoor & Outdoor Mapping Handy !

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Note : Whenever we mention our “SF Bzr repo”, we mean our Sourceforge Bazaar repository !
Everything on that repository is free software… We plan to give each sub-project a coherent license yet.

If you want to help out developing Geopard further, just contact us.
Feel free to submit patches/branches to what our repositories already contain !

Geopard’s deliverables are spread in two places : on “the SF Bzr repo” and as an Amazon Machine Image.
Keep reading for more info !

Geopard Server

  • Geopard’s EBS boot AMI is [none for now, wait until Feb 2nd, 2010].
    This image is an Rails port + Mapnik with minutely mapnik setup + indoor mapping hacks.
    Feel free to deploy it on your Amazon EC2 account !
  • Some Geopard server-side automated setup scripts are on our SF Bzr repo.

Geopard Client / Mobile

  • GUI source code based upon Nutiteq maps-lib will be uploaded soon to our SF Bzr repo.
  • Wifi geopositioning libraries are not available for now.

Geopard Client / Web

  • We have a Geopard OpenLayers html client page setup to work with a Geopard Server AMI on our SF Bzr Repo.


  • This GUI application created to help test Wifi geopositioning libraries was coded with Processing and will be available soon on our SF Bzr Repo.

Geopard Admin

  • This GUI application allows read/writing of Geopard’s server map data.
    It consists in JOSM + customized presets + a plugin for low-scale mapping created by the Geopard project. Code for the latter two artifacts will be on our SF Bzr Repo soon.

  • None
  • Bernhard: Great idea! Go on realising it!!!



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